VFL IV. Veszprém Chapter’s Economic Archives

Full notation:  VFL V.
Title: Veszprém Chapter’s Economic Archives
Description levels:
  fond group

This fond group was newly created. Similarly to the economic documents of the episcopal archives, this also contains the documents of the central stewardship and the three lordships of the chapter – in the modern era: Kiliti, Merenye and Veszprém. Due to multiple scrapping, the document stock is fragmented, it contains documents mostly from the last third of the 18th century to the middle of the 19th century. Its significance is that the remaining somewhat eight decades of documents constitute continuous series and the similar documents of the lordships report comparable datasets (VFL IV. 2–4.). Furthermore, files and protocols of prosecutor’s and solicitor’s office (Acta Officii Fiscalatus, 1511–1835, VFL IV. 1. a.), documents of manor court (1765–1847, VFL IV. 1.b.), terriers related to the estates of the board (1727–1827, VFL IV. 1. c. 2.) and cellarer’s reports (1766–1830, VFL IV. 1. d.) were also preserved. The oldest economic document from the late Middle Ages, the account book of the Veszprém chapter containing partitions of the chapter’s income, reports of official elections and the history of the subsequent decades in the form of narratives and conscriptions (1495–1534, VFL IV. 1. c. 1. Protocolla Oeconomicalia 1. = MNL OL DF 201634.) is also available in the form of a modern source publication.

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