VFL IX. Collections

Full notation:  VFL IX
Title:  IX – Collections
Description levels:  fond group

The Collection contains series raised – e.g. maps – or removed from other fonds which cannot be relocated – e.g. seals, seal stamps – as well as thematic collections. Furthermore, you can find here the reproductions, sound and photo collections as well as the earlier, obsolete archival aids. This fond group is home to 165 maps of the archives, including 65 handwritten estate maps (VFL IX.7.). It contains furthermore the documents deposited in our archives, for example research notes of Dr. Frigyes Kahler as well as the obituaries of mainly ecclesiastical persons separately collected since the late 19th century (1896–2014, VFL IX. 2.), priests’ personal record cards (1946–, VFL IX. 8.) and the microfilms made during the exploration of Vatican resources by reserchers of the diocese. This unit is also home to our manuscript collection (VFL IX. 9.) containing theological notes, homily sketches, coverages of historical events, unpublished poems from the 17th century and theses and dissertations based on the material of the archives.

The fonds in the fond group: