About the documents

The stock of the archives is divided into fonds, i.e. document groups issued by certain document creating organizations and institutions; based on historical and archival aspects these fonds constitute fond groups. Our archives currently contain nine fond groups comprising 700 running meters of documents. This document quantity is continuously increasing due to document handovers from institutions and submissions from parishes and deaneries.
As a result of the archival revision in 2013, the newly established system has a hierarchical structure: fond groups, fonds, subfonds, series and subseries constitute the archival structure; in marking, we introduced a system similar to the national archives. The fond groups are marked with Roman numerals, within them the fonds are marked with Arabic numbers, the subfonds (if any) are marked with lowercase letters, and again the series and subseries are marked with Arabic numerals.


About the description of the document stock, see the common finding aid of the Hungarian ecclesiastical archives.


The fond groups of the archives: