VFL VIII. Bequests

Full notation:  VFL VIII
Title:  VIII – Bequests
Description levels:  fond group

The fond group of priestly bequests is continuously expanding. This contains mainly the document bequests of clerical persons who appointed their diocese or definitely its archives as their heirs. Many personal documents are submitted here by overtaking parish archives. We must note that in the latter case the personal and official issues cannot always be distinguished.

The order within the fond group was defined by the date of the people’s death. We are aware that this may cause problems in the future if bequests of earlier deceased people are submitted from parish archives. The period of the documents are marked in square brackets if the bequest has not been processed. In this case the figures in brackets indicate the years of birth and death of the testator.

Researchers may be primarily interested in later grand provost János Pfeiffer’s huge amount of records about the Veszprém diocese (VFL VIII.31.) but they often consult the bequests of priests who were interested in history, like Jenő Gutheil (VFL VIII.20.), József Horváth (VFL VIII.34.), József Körmendy (VFL VIII.56.), József Lukcsics (VFL VIII.37.) and István Molnár (VFL VIII. 30.). As for the pontiffs of the diocese, the bequests of Károly Hornig (bishop 1888–1917), Nándor Rott (1917–1939, VFL VIII. 11.), József Mindszenty (1944–1945, VFL VIII. 25.) and Bertalan Badalik (1949–1965, VFL VIII. 21.) are still to be processed.

Please note that consulting some materials may violate the rights relating to personality, so please contact the archivist in advance about consulting possibilities.

The fonds in the fond group: