General information

In case of freely available photos, e-research is subject to registration. Consulting the vital records, the protocols of canonical visitations, the parish history notes of János Pfeiffer, the conscriptions and the e-library is subject to registration and fees.

Visitors can find information about the uploaded documents on our website prior to beginning the registration. Our picture viewer service becomes available after registration by clicking on the available photo files ordered according to the fond structures. The photos are shown in a Flash application.

In case you have a valid free registration and you want to subscribe to one of our services, you do not need a new registration. Please inform us on our infoatvefleveltar [pont] hu address which of the following options you choose:

  • 15-day access (15 photos) / HUF 3,500 / Euro 10;
  • quarterly access (50 photos) / HUF 7,000 / Euro 20;
  • 1-year access (200 photos) / HUF 18,000 / Euro 60;

Your access includes the possibility of browsing the whole content of the service, the current status of the content (the number of the published photos) is shown on the website of the archives. The specified number of photos you can require means the number of jpg files you can download and save on your computer.


In case of paid services we can activate your access only after the payment is cleared.

Our IBAN bank account number: HU51 11748007 24811471 00000000; Swift code: OTPVHUHB
In the notice field please specify you username you chose in the registration process and the term: e-Kutatás (