VFL VI. Parish archives

Full notation:  VFL VI.
Title:  Parish archives
Description levels:  fond group

The different parish fonds are of different volume and content. Bigger amount of documents were submitted from the parishes where the parish priests, following the personal contact of the archivists, submitted the archives of their parishes (as deposits). This process started in the first decade of the 2000’s mainly due to the lack of priests and in order to preserve the parish archives. The two fond groups that were established from the submissions have been continuously expanding; currently the fragments of some deaneries (see above) as well as the mostly 20th century documents of nearly eighty parish archives were submitted into the archives of the Veszprém diocese parishes.

At the end of the 1990’s, a less quantity of documents but from more settlements were acquired by our institution in a different way. Following the archbishop’s invitation, dozens of parishes donated the archives their oldest vital records usually from the 18th, in some cases 19th century. In case of many parish archives only these volumes are included in our archives.

From all the parish archives retained in our archives, the documents of the Felsőörs parish (and provostry) partly remaining from the 16th century (1542–1995, VFL VI.47.), and the documents of the formerly only Veszprém parish, the St. Michael parish (1703–1992, VFL VI.157.) are of exceptional value.

The numbering of each fond follows the alphabetical order of the 180 parishes currently operational in the diocese, numbers over 200 represent parish archives operating in the diocese before 1993 but currently belonging to other dioceses. Our fond registry shows only those parish archives whose document material is partly or completely included in our archives.

The order of visiting the parishes is defined by the archivists on the basis of professional aspects (nature of the stored material, level of endangerment). The deposited parish archives are regarded publicly accessible private archives, the ones at the parishes are regarded private archives. About consulting possibilities of the latter, please contact the parish before your personal visit.

The fonds in the fond group: