The schematism of the Veszprém Archdiocesan Archives

A Veszprémi Főegyházmegyei Levéltár sematizmusa

The ecclesiastical schematism or ecclesiastical historical directory is a special resource group which was formerly published in printed form more or less on a regular basis. These directories contain the current administrative division of the diocese (on archdeanery – deanery – parish – filia levels), information about the ecclesiastical persons in various services, furthermore all kinds of information describing the operations of the diocese as an organization.

The technical solutions of the 21th century enable us to see not only the characters of a given moment but also the processes in historical context by means of the generated databases: names of people serving at a specific parish, the ecclesiastical career of a person, the employees of the central assembly offices, their career and functions, the members of the cathedral chapter, the central institutions of the diocese, the church-maintained (public) schools on the territory of the diocese are all available at a click of a button.

Our schematism page is frequently updated, please come back again to do your search. Currently the following data have been uploaded:

  • based on the publication “János Pfeiffer: Biographical and church administration data of clerical people” as well as the diocesan directories published in 1975, 1984 and 1992.

  • the details of parishes based on the same directories

  • photos of clerical people based on the diocesan directories of 1984 and 2000 as well as the so-called Hornig-album

  • the division of the deaneries based on all the printed diocesan directories

  • photos of churches based on a survey of the late 1960’s

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 The schematism of the Veszprém Archdiocesan Archives