To the attention of family history researchers

If you are doing family history or genealogy research you can use our archives on the following conditions.

1. The Veszprém Diocesan Authority has been collecting the copies of parish vital records since 1th October, 1895 (see VFL I.1.24.). Due to their structure containing baptismal, marriage and death information mixed, only records older than 90 years can be consulted, for example in 2018 the years between 1895 and 1927.

2. Our archives do not have any consultable vital records copies in relation to records before 1 October, 1895. Consulting records before this date, researchers have three options.
a) In the National Archives of Hungary microfilm copies of the original parish vital records can be consulted.
b) The same microfilm rolls are available in the locally competent county (“national”) archives.
c) In the competent parish archives, regarded non-publicly accessible private archives, research is possible with the permission and approval of the local priest. For the information of the researcher we must mention that due to the classification of the archives (non-publicly accessible private archives) the priests cannot be obliged to permit the research.
In case of certain parishes a part of the archival material and / or the vital records have been deposited in our archives. This material can be consulted according to the current legal specifications in power. You can consult the available original vital records here.

3. Our archives do not provide information on the latest (less than 90 year old) vital records. If the researchers need such information, this can be required from the parish offices or from the civil registry offices in case of civil vital records.

When doing ancestry research, it is always necessary to know the place of registration. No research is possible merely on the basis of registration date without knowing the place.

It is advisable to keep in mind that due to the nature of the Catholic ecclesiastical administration, vital records were not kept in every settlement. Only settlements of parish rank can keep vital records, filial churches can’t. Parish churches and filial churches were often changed according to the orders of the bishop of the diocese. In general, we can state that after the Turkish era former filial churches were promoted to parish rank and the process of parish organization was not finished until after World War II. In addition, the affiliation of filial churches which never gained a parish rank was changed a number of times. About the administrative changes of a certain settlement please consult the occasionally published schematisms or directories available in the – national or county – libraries. The librarians are happy to assist you.